Midland Tech | What is VoIP and is it Right for your Business?
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09 Sep What is VoIP and is it Right for your Business?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is widely used by many types of businesses across the globe. Often referred to as internet telephony, the technology makes phone calls more affordable and flexible as you can communicate practically anywhere. VoIP allows workers to make calls from anywhere with access to the internet, enabling you to communicate with clients easily in the office, at home, on the train or out and about.

Pro: Ease of Use & Flexibility

Most VoIP services provide users with a web-based interface where you can not only manage phone accounts easily, but also listen to voicemails online. The portability of VoIP (on your mobile smart phone) also means that you or your employees can easily stay in contact on the go. Never miss another important call from a client. If you do, check your office voicemail easily on your mobile. VoIP let you be your efficient self on the go.

Pro: Low Cost

A carefully planned and well-established VoIP system can reduce your business communication costs. A solid internet broadband connection would be the only thing you’ll have to invest in. The biggest savings tend to be in International calling rates.

Pro: Features! Features! Features!

Having a VoIP system means having the ability to do these things:

  • Basics like call-forwarding, caller ID, and conference calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Listen to voicemail online, or having it emailed to you as a sound file
  • Do-not-disturb mode
  • Multi-ring (groups) facility
  • Voice menus to route incoming calls to the correct person / department
  • Call recording and logging
  • Portability – you are not tied to a physical phone line and your system can easily be moved anywhere (temporarily or permanently) with no interruption or new numbers

Con: Voice Quality

VoIP has been around long enough for the technology to develop and the quality of service has been improved tremendously since its first introduction. However, VoIP turns voice into digital data, which in turn might cause echo, cracking, and other noise disruptions. However, if you ensure that your IT support provider puts in place a broadband connection that is of business-class and reliable, this should not be a major problem.

Con: Connection Down

Without the internet, VoIP will not work. Therefore, again, if you have a business-class and reliable broadband connection, this should not be an issue either. Another preventive action you can take is to have your VoIP calls forwarded to a mobile in an emergency.


Con: Dependent on hardware

VoIP depends on hardware, both phone handsets and usually a PBX system. If there is a hardware fault your system may stop working. To prevent this from causing a problem we would recommend both a spare handset and also a backup PBX device which can quickly be plugged in if needed.


So is VoIP right for you? If you still can’t decide, our (VoIP) lines are open for you to call in and ask for further advice and a demonstration of our service.